Licking Pad


🐶🐕❤️Are You Ready to End Bath Time Struggles?🐶🐕❤️

Many people have heard of putting peanut butter on bath or shower walls to lure them in. . . but even the cleanest homes may have harmful mold, soap residue or lime scale on the walls.

The Doggie Distractor Toy is your answer!  Apply your dog's favorite treat to the surface and smack it to the wall. These have proven to be some of our happy pup-stomer's faves:

  • peanut butter
  • coconut oil
  • sweet potato puree
  • pumpkin puree
  • cream cheese

The suckers will hold it firmly, the nubs on it will grab the treat and your buddy will step into the tub himself - no more back-breaking wrestling to get him in!  He'll then enjoy his favorite snack, while standing still as you bathe him. 

You can also freeze pumpkin, water or PB in the Doggie Distractor.  Put it outside for an icy cool-off, or in the car to calm an anxious pup. Any where or any time when distraction is crucial.

We know you'll love these so we sell in a 2-pack so you always have a clean one on hand for emergencies.


  • Variable height bumps keep any spreadable pet-friendly food, such as peanut butter, in place
  • Use for large or small dogs and washes easily
  • Super Strong Suction to ensure it can't be licked off
  • hook design allows you can remove it from the wall easily
  • Sticks to any flat/shinny surface, such as tile, porceline, granite or glass
  • Made of 100% Food grade Silicone and will not leave any residue
  • FDA, CPSC and CPSIA relevant tests performed by independent 3rd party. Contains no PBA, BPS, lead or phthalates
  • Dishwasher safe clean up

Please remember pets should always be supervised when anything is in or near their mouths.

**Please note even small amounts of xylitol (less than chocolate!) are poisonous to dogs and should not be given.