Puzzle Treat Dispenser

$29.99 $39.99
Color: Light Blue

The Puzzle Treat Dispenser is a fun rendition of a slow feed bowl that promotes a healthy lifestyle for your dog. This puzzle feeder is designed to limit the amount of treats your dog gets at a time while encouraging more extended playtime.

You can fill the Puzzle Treat Dispenser with treats, kibble or whatever your dogs prefers. Only allowing them to eat what is dispensed every time a part of the puzzle gets solved.

This puzzle toy promotes active feeding, giving your dogs the exercise they need and then rewarding them for it! It keeps dogs mentally and physically active while they play by providing a mental challenge. The interaction with the puzzle feeder stimulates their senses and is great for development.


Key Benefits

  • Improves Physical & Mental Health - Your dogs will be able to develop healthy eating habits as they "work" for their rewards after an active play of rolling the ball.
  • Prolonged Play - Limits the amount of treats your dog gets while encouraging more extended playtime.
  • Promotes Better Digestion - Special 'Slow - Feeding' inner structure controls the eating speed of your pets.
  • Durable & Easy To Use And Clean - It is made from hard plastic that disassembles for easy cleaning. Rinse in warn soapy water and dry after use.