Portable Dog Pool

Color: Blue

Beat The Heat This Summer With The Portable Dog Pool!

Do your pets love being outside? We want to make those hot summer days more enjoyable for you and your fur kids!

Unlike other standards, plastic, off-the-shelf baby pool, our Portable Dog Pool is designed for dogs and is built to last.

✔️Easy to set up: Setting up the pool only takes 10 seconds. Simply unfold the pool, ensure the drain plug is closed, and fill it up with as much water as you'd like. When playtime is over, open the drain plug to drain the water. Once it's empty and dry, just fold and pack it up. It's that simple!


✔️Durable: The pool won't leak or tear, while you watch your fur kids run, jump and swim around their new play area.

✔️Multipurpose: Can be used both indoors and outdoors. Not only a pool for your pets but also can be filled with sand or balls to build a great toy area for pets and kids. The pool is deep enough for your dog to get completely soaked and cool off by either sitting, standing or swimming!

✔️Safe to use: It has a slip-resistant, durable heavy bottom. The wrapped edges prevent wear and punctures. The drain valve on the lower side to drain the water. Easy to drain then fold & store.

✔️Foldable: It can be folded up in a small size, easy to store and bring with you and your dog everywhere. The pool's compact and lightweight design makes it conveniently portable.