A lot of people can’t afford to live in a big house with a big garden, but this cannot prevent everyone from having access to caring for a pet. Some dogs can live happily with all the necessary care and walks in the middle of the city.

However, we must know which breeds of dogs are more adapted to this type of life.

Discover the 10 dog breeds that best adapt to a smaller space! 

  1. Maltese: This breed stands out for its small size and silky white hair. It is the perfect dog to live with other pets, since they adapt very quickly to new members in the house. It’s an animal with a very calm and affectionate character. It doesn’t require a lot of exercise, with little walks to relieve themselves and have fun there is enough.


  1. Yorkshire Terrier: they are very small and home-loving animals. They love being at home, although they will need to exercise regularly. It’s a dog that is always alert, intelligent and alive. It adapts easily to any environment, although it is a breed that stands out for barking a lot. In general, we speak of a very friendly dog ​​that is attached to its relatives, easy to deal with and really very affectionate. So, it is perfect for any family.

Yorkshire Terrier

  1. Pug: this breed stands out for being a small dog, very calm and sleepy. Thus, living in an apartment will not be a problem for this one. Being a short-legged dog, it will need walks, but they cannot be very long, perfect for living in the city.


  1. French Bulldog: this animal is a little more active, although it does not stand out for doing a lot of exercise either. It prefers short walks and hardly barks. Noted for being a popular city dog.

French Bulldog

  1. English Bulldog: they stand out for being sweet and docile. It’s a very familiar pet and gets along well with children. They prefer to live on lower floors, since they do not like to climb many stairs. These dogs often have respiratory problems and need exercise to be healthy.

English Bulldog

  1. Greyhound: Although it may not seem like it, greyhounds stand out for being very calm and sleepy dogs. However, they are very skittish dogs, so they will need to live in a low-noise house. They are very affectionate animals with their family. With long walks so that you can exercise everything you need, you will have enough!


  1. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: They are small animals with a calm character. They are docile and friendly, becoming one of the most suitable breeds for living with children. They are cheerful, sociable, active and balanced. Thanks to its small size, it adapts perfectly to living in a flat.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

  1. Shih Tzu: They stand out for being small, playful and friendly. In addition, they are dogs that enjoy the company of humans. They love to browse. However, they are active dogs, so they will need their daily walk to socialize and have fun.
Shih Tzu
9. Biewer Terrier: They are small dogs and can live in small spaces as long as they exercise daily. They need a minimum of a daily walk, since playing will cover a large amount of their exercise needs. At home, they are calm dogs with a mild temperament.

    Biewer Terrier

    1. Mongrel dog: we must not forget the importance of adoption, as long as the education is good and we pay enough attention to them, any dog ​​can adapt to life in a flat.

    Mongrel dog

    To sume up, finding the perfect dog breed to fit your aparment is not an easy task. However, one of this 10 breeds can be the perfect solution to find the best partner! 

    One thing is clear. Despite the dog breed you end up choosing, he will be your best friend and will make your life happier!

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