For humans, including fruit in our diet is synonymous with a balanced diet and health. Naturally, we will always be tempted to share our food with our best friend, but we must be careful when offering him this type of food, as not all fruits will be good for him.


Keep in mind!

Dogs are carnivorous mammals, unlike us, who are generally omnivores. This means that their diet should be based, above all, on meats of other species. That’s why fruit should be a food that we give them as a "reward", but never in a large quantity.

It is also important to remember that every time we give fruit to our dog, we are giving him sugar (natural, but still sugar) and we must take this into account when counting his total intake of sugars in a day. Dogs have a glucose regulation system different from ours and can quickly fall into hyperglycemia.

However, we must remember that fruits are a source of vitamins and nutrients, so they can bring several benefits to our dog's diet, but we cannot offer them just any type of fruit. For example, grapes and raisins are dangerous for them, since they can cause serious renal lesions. As for vegetables, we must rule out garlic, onions and leeks, which can damage red blood cells. 

Here are ten fruits that your dog can eat from time to time:

  • Melon: as long as it is in small quantities, melon will not be harmful to your pet. Don't forget to remove the seeds and skin and give it to him in small pieces!
  • Watermelon: like melon, do not forget to remove the seeds. Since watermelon is water-based, it will help hydrate as well as satisfy hunger.
  • Strawberry: stands out for being loaded with antioxidants and vitamin C. It will be a good reward for them!
  • Peach: we should remove the skin of the peach, as this can cause allergic reactions. We should also offer them small pieces, always without the stone.
  • Apple: it is rich in fiber and with very little sugar, we could highlight it as the best fruit to offer to our furry!
  • Pear: pear contains many antioxidants (vitamin C and E) and a lot of water. They will love it.
  • Banana: it contains natural prebiotics, potassium, and vitamin C and B6. It will bring great benefits to our furry ones.
  • Mango: it is important to differentiate it from green mango, as this should not be consumed. Mangoes are rich in vitamin C and A, contain antioxidants and provide fiber and water.
  • Papaya: it is a source of vitamin C, fiber and calcium. With it we will increase their defenses, treat intestinal problems and promote growth and good development of our pets!
  • Orange: Although its citrus flavor may not be pleasant for all dogs, when this one enjoys it, we must be happy, because they are safe fruits for them, since they are a beneficial source of vitamin C.


So, after this article, what is your dog's favorite snack? You can tell us in comments. We read you!


My 15 1/2 year old loves bananas,she is a Yorkiepoo and still loves to run and play.

Carol Cermak November 17, 2021

My little Jazz “English Staf” loves apples & carrots, thanks for the Artical very useful.

Mario November 17, 2021

I think blueberries and pumpkin are also good for dogs. My chocolate lab loves both!

Debbie November 17, 2021

She loves several of them that I had goggles to b safe
I guess I’m surprised at strawberries peach pear & orange
She’ll b try’n them
She loves lots of veggies too
Thank you very helpful

Ann November 17, 2021

My terrier loves apples, don’t know really why, but it’s his favorite fruit! Loved the post, thank you, I’ll try to give him mango one day to see if he likes it

John November 17, 2021

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