Active Escaping Toy


Make sure your pet stays active, healthy, and having fun. The Active Escaping Toy is the toy your pet is going to love! Interactive toys are one of the best you can give your furry friends. This exciting dog toy rolls with random movements stimulating your dog's senses and holding their attention for hours on end. 

Keeps Your Dog Healthy

Regularly exercising your pet is extremely important. Health benefits range wildly, but include digesting problems, and keeping your pet at a healthy weight. Most pet owners are too busy to give their pet the amount of exercise they need. The Active Rolling Ball helps provides the solution!

Perfect Gift!

Give him the best toy to play. Give him the perfect gift he deserves! 

Watch as your dog loves chasing the ball as it rolls across the floor. It's a guaranteed fun time not only for your dog, but you as well. Interactive toys are the best you can give to your furry friend and this one is specially designed to keep their attention and activate them.

The Active Escaping Toy is not only a fun interactive toy, but also a must have for every pet owner!

Dog lovers from all over the world have already purchased this amazing interactive toy. 

Prevent Or Control Behavioral Problems 

Keeping your pet active helps control behavioral problems. Pets that are not given outlets for their energy may develop destructive habits like chewing and scratching, or start raiding your garbage bins.

Key Benefits 

     ✔️ Great for pups - The random movement of the ball stimulates your dogs nose and mind and can help aid their growth and development!
     ✔️ Prevents boredom and loneliness - Even if you're not at home, the Active Rolling Ball prevents your dog to the boredom and loneliness they feel when you are not there.
     ✔️ Prevents unwanted destructive behaviour - Boredom and anxiousness lead to unwanted destructive behaviour, the Active Rolling Ball keeps them occupied and calms them!
     ✔️ Suitable For Large Dogs - The Active Escaping Toy is entirely made out of strong and durable material making it suitable dogs of all sizes!