Dogiie Slicker Brushes- For more than just grooming

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Color: Aqua

Perfect for both dogs and cats

These Dogiie brushes will work on most coat types. The short bristles will grab and remove loose hairs and debris. A daily brush will help reduce the amount of hair shed around your home.

Keep in mind that frequent brushing will reduce tangles and matting. It also keeps your pet's coat clean by removing surface debris and helping spread the natural oils produced by their skin. Brushing is a great way to bond with your pet and most of them will love how it feels. It will also help you inspect your pet's skin for lumps, bumps, parasites, or abnormalities.




Gently brush away from your pet’s skin in the same direction as the coat grows. Take your time to carefully untangle any knots, just as you would with your own hair. If the tangles aren’t coming out easily, try applying for some Leave-in Conditioner and use a comb or rake to separate the knot. If you are unable to loosen the knot, it’s time to visit your professional groomer or vet. We don’t recommend using scissors to cut out knots, as sometimes you can accidentally cut your pet's skin.  If your pet is nervous with the brush, take it slow and keep the experience positive – brushing small areas at a time and using treats or rewards can help. 

Why Brush?

Brushing is for more than just grooming. A daily brush will improve your pet's skin and coat health and will reduce the amount of hair shed around your home.