GPS Dog Tracker

$14.95 $29.95
Color: White

Easily protect YOUR DOG from getting lost

Introducing Our GPS Dog Tracker. Forget about unbearable fear and anxiety when you see your doggo run off, our mini device will locate your pet in seconds with precise accuracy almost anywhere in the world. Simply attach the GPS tracker to the collar and have peace of mind. Perfect for traveling, camping, running and everyday use.

  • Long Tracking Range - Our GPS Dog Tracker will track it and help you find it wherever he is on a total distance of 75 feet (20 m).
  • Longest-lasting Battery - The best battery of its kind that can last up to 7 days of full usage. 
  • 100% Waterproof & Durable - Don't worry if you dog goes under water or it has been a long time since you haven't seen it. With this GPS Dog Tracker you are going to do whatever is possible to find your dog, and we will be there to help you.
  • No subscription fees - Just as you see it. No subscription. No second pays. No hided lines. Just 14.95$ and you will have all you and your dog need to be safe.

Easy to use

We designed Dog GPS tracker to be easy to use for anyone and anywhere.With GPS LIVE Tracking, you can see the exact trace of your four-legged friend. Thanks to the integrated virtual fence (geofence), Dog GPS tracker will inform you immediately in the case that your dog leaves a pre-defined safe area. Take off leash with confidence, your dog is safe and secure.

Always know where your dog is

  • LIVE Tracking - Always know the exact location of your furry friend whenever and wherever. In LIVE Tracking mode, the location of your dog updates every 2-3 seconds.
  • Virtual Fence (Geofence) - Get instant notifications when your dog exits or enters a customized safe area (e.g. backyard or neighborhood).

Smallest tracker

Smallest tracker in the world (weights only 20g.) will fit perfectly on your pet's collar, and its easy to control via your smartphone using high accuracy GPS technology.

No monthly or subscription fees!

MAZE+ technology eliminates the need for a cellular connection to send GPS coordinates, meaning no SIM card or cellular coverage are necessary. In other words, no monthly fees! And since it doesn’t require cellular coverage to work, that means it also works anywhere – even when you’re off the grid.

How does it work

The GPS Dog Tracker works with an app called 'isearching' working in both IOS and Android. To download it, you can search it on your APP store or Google Play, and you will need IOS 11.0 and higher or Android 8.0 and higher. 

Once you have installed the app, you can link it with your GPS dog Tracker via Bluetooth and then you will know where you dog is at every moment, and you can even set a 'safe area' on which you will get notified when your dog gets out of it.