Toothbrush Stick

$24.99 $29.99
Color: Light blue

Have you brushed your dog's teeth today? If the thought sounds a little weird to you, you might want to have a chat with your veterinarian. They'll tell you that regular oral care for your dog is just as important as it is for you.

The most common form of disease in dogs, is oral disease. Four out of every five dogs suffer from some kind of oral disease by the time they turn three years old!

By using the Toothbrush Stick on a regular basis you can protect your dog from a great deal of pain. The bristles on the ball help get rid of plaque and tartar while also making sure your dog's gums stay health.

You can use the Toothbrush Stick with toothpaste to clean those hard to reach back molars. The Toothbrush Stick is designed to let your dog chew instinctively and enjoy the feeling. Watch your dog bite and play the plaque away!

Key Benefits

  • Deep cleaning bristles down to the gums
  • Self dispenses toothpaste for a fresh breath
  • Prevents the build-up of plaque, tartar, and calculus
  • Durable, safe and anti-microbial
  • Created with dog's anatomy in mind for easy holding
  • Helps prevent destructive behaviour and boredom
  • Easy cleaning, just rinse with water or put on top shelf of a dishwasher